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Cable Concrete

Cable Concrete is the premier precast articulating concrete block mat system. It consists of pyramidal-shaped concrete blocks, in various sizes and weights, interwoven with stainless steel cable, and under laid with a durable geotextile fabric. Bethlehem Precast was one of the first suppliers of cable concrete and has grown to become one of the largest suppliers.

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Cable concrete provides the owner with a cost-effective solution that allows water permeability, vegetation, contour flexibility, subsoil confinement and long-term control of erosion. It can be moved or reusable for temporary water erosion control. 

Cable concrete can be used in swales, overtopping, dam repair, temporary roadways, outlets and inlets. Since the cables are precast into the system, blocks can be removed for larger planting without compromising the integrity of the system. Because it allows for drainage, cable concrete also is being used in boat ramps and in parking lots. Further, it is used by the military for a variety of applications.

Precast advantages include:

  • Protects any size of shape area from erosion
  • Installed by excavation contractors – we provide the product, clamps, anchors and training required to do the job right
  • Concrete mats form a system where no one block can fail
  • The mats can be backfilled and seeded, filled with washed stone, or left to vegetate naturally
  • They won’t rust, burn or rot
  • Pre-attached geotextile fabric ensure consistent placement
  • Installs quickly and economically
  • Air entrained concrete for durability and freeze-thaw fracture resistance
  • Up to 20 percent open area to provide water permeability and vegetation growth
  • Pyramidal block shape allows for articulation ranging from 20 to 60% depending on block size
  • Inhibits rodent and insect nesting
  • Type 302 stainless steel cable is standard

Since 1980, Bethlehem Precast has provided quality precast solutions to the commercial and residential markets. Our commitment to our customers has made us the number one installer of Bilco® basement egress systems in North America. Offering a variety of products and services, Bethlehem Precast specializes in custom projects. Our work can be seen on several high profile projects, in the Philadelphia area; Krimmel Theater in the National Constitution Center, Eagles Nova Care Rehabilitation Facility. The New York City area; Diane Von Furstenburg Design Studio Headquarters, Museum of Arts and Design. The New Jersey area; Red Bull Park, and in the Lehigh Valley area, The Coca Cola Park minor league baseball stadium.

Our mission: Bethlehem Precast is committed to producing quality products and services for customers as well as promoting the use of precast concrete to the construction industry.